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The Social Entrepreneur Award represents the collaborative and innovative spirit of the Student Serving Washington Awards. Washington Campus Compact will invite policy-makers, business leaders, and social entrepreneurs to present a unique question, or social entrepreneur challenge, in each of the critical issue areas. These social entrepreneur challenges will act as a prompt for student service leaders to develop novel, innovative solutions that address the challenge identified. Student teams at WACC member institutions will work on the questions posed, creating a proposal for how to address the challenge. Student proposals will include a project narrative, logic model, budget, and a literature review. Students Selection of SSIA winners in each critical issue area will be conducted in the same fashion as the OSSA and winners will receive seed grants to begin implementing their proposed solutions during the following academic year.

Award Details: Social Entrepreneur Award recipients will receive $6,000 in seed grant funding to be used for developing their proposal into a project that addresses the critical issue.